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Illuminating Host-Microbiota Interactions in Health and Disease



The Palm lab is an academic research laboratory within the Immunobiology department at the Yale School of Medicine, located in downtown New Haven, CT. Our overarching goal is to understand how microbiota - the trillions of microbes that live in and on us - interact with and influence their mammalian hosts. Our work particularly emphasizes the development of new technologies to deconvolute complex host-microbiota communication networks and reveal causal roles for the microbiota in human health and disease. 

Latest Publications

Visit our Publications page for more information.

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Small Molecule Metabolites at the Host-Microbiota Interface

Jason D. Bishai, Noah W. Palm

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Autoreactivity in naïve human fetal B cells is associated with commensal bacteria recognition

Jeff W. Chen, Tyler A. Rice, Jason M. Bannock, Agata A. Bielecka, Juliet D. Strauss, Jason R. Catanzaro, Haowei Wang, Laurence C. Menard, Jennifer H. Anolik, Noah W. Palm, Eric Meffre